Michael / Atratus (mbarrick) wrote,
Michael / Atratus

Social(media) Faux Pas

No one noticed when I quit LinkedIn months ago. But everyone lost their minds Friday when I purged my Facebook account. No one seemed to notice that no one was unfriended from any other social media site I am active on... Pinterest, Instragram, G+, YouTube, Ello, etc. and no one was removed from any of the Facebook groups and pages where I am an admin. I still have the same e-mail addresses I've had for decades. I still have the same phone number I've had for 14 years, which, incidentally is listed and my name is not a secret. *sigh* Send me back to 1988. I want to write you a letter and maybe send you a mix tape. You should get it in about three months and I look forward your reply three months after that. Is it even possible to be out of patience with instant fucking everything?
Source: http://www.mbarrick.com/blog/161211/socialmedia-faux-pas

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