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OK, now for a real entry...
I'm so bloody bored with my life. Tomorrow at 2pm I have an interview with some IT headhunters in a effort to find a gig that will let me stay in town. At the moment I am really wishing I hadn't wound up in a career in computers, and doubly regretting that I have painted myself into a corner with my specialty. I've got three career choices right now:
1.) Take something not-so-perfect here in Vancouver and hopefully end up more employable as a result,
2.) Pick up an move to Toronto and keep doing what I am doing at the expense of having to ditch my girlfriend,
3.) Fuck the whole thing, take a sharp left turn, and find something completely different to do.

The left-turn option is what's appealing to me the most right this second. I want to do something different, not that I don't always feel this way whenever whatever I am doing isn't going well.

Blah. I'll feel better with money in my pocket.
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