Michael / Atratus (mbarrick) wrote,
Michael / Atratus

Remembrance Day

The "War to End All Wars" passed out of living memory last year. This Remembrance Day is the first one since the inception of the holiday where there is no one left alive that directly remembers fighting in World War I. It's more important than ever to remember now: remember what the holiday was created for.

This is not a day to sing the praises of war. This is a day to remember the horrors of war, honour those that endured them, and in so doing remember and learn that war is not to be entered into lightly. This is not a day to glorify war, this is a day to glorify peace. It was hoped that November 11, 1918 would be not only the end of the World War I, but the end of all war.

The creators of wars always claim one noble ideal or another as the motive, but the real cause is and has always been over resources. If there was enough space, food, and energy to go around there would be no war. Each tribe is trying to ensure its own survival. The noble words about gods and ideologies are just ways to delineate one tribe from another. It's a nice ideal to cherish diversity but when the cold creeps in or the food runs out there will always form an "us" and a "them" to fight over what's left. War ends and tolerance of diversity only happens when there is enough to go around.
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