Michael / Atratus (mbarrick) wrote,
Michael / Atratus

Today's Vancouver Province

Today's Surrey Vancouver Province (p. C2):

"Mike Halford, Jason Brough. Lobbying to make Pedobear an Official Olympic Mascot"

Illustration for #3 on the Top 5 Things We Hope Nobody Says During the Olympics:

"The last known group shot of the Olympic mascots. Sumi's missing, Quatchi's in jail, but no is talking to Pedobear. — mbarrick.net"

And in other news, Canada Wins Gold in Men's Falling Head-Over-Heels on Slushy Piles of Snow and Pretending that You Meant To Do It

It looks like that $110 million in federal tax money spent to make sure we didn't embarrass ourselves by not getting a gold medal at our own Olympics for the third time paid off. Go, Revenue Canada, Go!

Seriously, though, well done, Alex Bilodeau!
Tags: 2010 olympics, internet culture, internet kitsch, meme, pedobear, vancouver
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